Life here is simple. To a large extent, nature and its forces determine it. There are the seemingly eternal mountains that continue to be shaped by occasional and sudden rockfalls and avalanches. At times, this cuts the place off from the rest of the world. More importantly, though, it reminds us of the impermanence of our being that can, occasionally, change in the blink of an eye. And then again, there are those unworldly beautiful evenings with glowing mountain tops in front of a deep blue sky, the wild cloud formations that dance across the sky, that wall of fog that crawls up the valley and turns it into an impenetrable soup. Impermanence, again, but also shear beauty, majesty, and mystery. Inspiration.

Simplicity is attractive even romantic from afar. Life here is also hard, though, and at times lonely. It shapes personalities, hardens them, certainly on the outside, makes them deeply compassionate, often hidden within, breaks them, occasionally. Touch ground.

A simple yet hard life may help to widen and deepen perspectives, may help to see the essential behind the details, may help to accept the recognized inevitable. And then again, those perspectives may be too simple, too singular. Contrasts.

Arolla glimpses

Simplicity here… but look, and let the images inspire you, let them evoke your own images and moods, let yourself be carried away by your associations, maybe far far away, for another perspective.

October 16, 2020: Boiling clouds vanish as they cross the mountain ridge. Mist softens, eventually erases the scene, erases all but the rising Sun, huge and majestic. The misty veil retreats, pure beauty.

archived glimpses

COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2

Our world has been hit by a pandemic that is challenging for each one of us, that touches the very fabric of our society, that affects our economy in a big way, and that is foreseeably transformative for our culture at large.

As an effort to recognize and comprehend for ourselves, and to concurrently offer perspective and hope to others, we maintain two lines, one emerging from science, the other one from spirituality. They rest on our understanding of the World as ONE and of science and spirituality as two complementary perspectives on this World.

The following two lines emerge from solid grounds. They are still highly subjective, however, even opinionated. If you wish to stay nearer to the source, to see for yourself, good starting points from the science perspective may be the article by Tomas Pueyo on Medium or, of course, Wikipedia. For more authoritative information, there is the World Health Organization, and for approaching the actual research front, Nature opens a fruitful path.
Moving nearer to the source from the spirituality perspective starts, of course, with your own meditation and contemplation and continues with the emanating manifestations from there.


Each week a painting that may titillate your inspiration, support your meditation, or just create a joyful moment.

long perspectives

Thoughts triggered by current events, reflected in a larger context, both of personal development and of cultural evolution.

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