These courses are very near to our hearts and we feel both the urge to do them and the need. However, with COVID-19 hitting and transforming our society, they are no longer feasible in the planned form, and may never be again. We are currently working on transforming the essentials to a form that does not require physical contact. Please drop us a note at if you would like to stay informed.

Our goal here is to open the mind and perception for the larger World to find peace, purpose, and endless fascination. Seeing science and spirituality as two complementary perspectives on our one World, we pursue them both and connect them. They form many threads, from physics to theology on the one side and from the various religious practices to mysticism on the other. We follow several of them without adhering to any, recognizing that they are all perspectives on the larger ONE, none of them complete, each offering a valuable viewpoint.

This trilogy encompasses three successive courses, I…III, each of which consists of

  • Science Lectures – Established scientific understanding on relevant topics is presented in a manner that is both correct and accessible also to non-scientists. Lectures occupy 1…2 h per day.
  • Spiritual Practices – Step-by-step introductions make different spiritual practices accessible and turn them into personal tools, eventually into ways to access and become part of the larger. These practices have nothing to do with occultism but rather include different forms of visualizations, prayers, meditations, and contemplation. As with the science part, you need not have any prior knowledge or experience.
  • Exercises and Excursions – The introduced practices are explored in our meditation room as well as during short excursions into the surrounding nature. These explorations are all guided. This segment occupies 2…4 h per day.
  • Free Time – To absorb, ponder, and discuss the newly gained perspectives, we allocate ample free time. You may practice them on your own, in the meditation room or in the forests, between the rocks, down at the river that are within a few minutes of the house, starting to integrate them into your life. There are at least 2…4 h free per day.
  • Preparing Meals Together – Preparing meals and eating together is a primordial act on the path to humanity. No other species does this. It combines all levels of our being, from knowledge and workmanship all the way to inspiration and follies, and it allows to dissolve the sublime in the mundane.

These courses are aimed at novices in either science or spirituality, or in both. We introduce you gently to these fields. What you have to bring along is a desire to dig deeper into our World, to walk the mountains and clouds of our existence, and you need the kind of robust personality that allows to do that. While these courses will entice you out of your comfort zone – by necessity since you want to explore something new –, this is always an enticement never a forcing. Suffering of any sort, be it mental or physical, is not part of our way… albeit there is this eternal longing.

The Courses

I – Who am I?


  • Recognize the multilayered nature of my physical body and of my mental and spiritual spheres, the capabilities of the different levels, and their limitations.
  • Explore ways of communication between the levels, exercise and deepen their connection, and strive to expand the reach of consciousness.


  • the human body: biomolecular machinery – cell – systems and organs – body proper – microbiome
  • the mental and spiritual spheres: intellect and cognition – emotions – chakras – auras

spiritual practices, exercises, and excursions

  • introduction to relaxation, meditation, prayer, and visualization
  • explore the practices in the meditation room, all with the focus on the instance who asks “Who am I?”
  • develop and explore conscious walking and perceiving on short hikes to nearby special places in the forest, on mountain slopes, and in a glacier fore-field
II – Where are we coming from?


  • Understand the emergence and evolution of life on planet Earth, with the major evolutionary transitions that led from geochemical processes to higher animals.
  • Recognize the principles underlying evolution also in our current multilayered nature, in my own unfolding, and in the operation of our world.


  • the unfolding of the world, from the Big Bang through the emergence of life on Earth to the emergence of Homo sapiens
  • principles of chaotic, complex, and evolving systems: order in chaos, finite time horizon, self-organization of complex systems, competitive exclusion, the dilemma of cooperation, hierarchical modularity, the inevitability of evolution

spiritual practices, exercises, and excursions

  • build and explore imaginary (ideal) worlds for protection, visions,…
  • explore perception, meditation, and prayer in the meditation room together and in respect to a partner
  • hike to some special places that facilitate to recognize lower levels of existences animals, vegetation, rocks
III – Where are we going to?


  • Recognize humankind’s cultural evolution, its roots, its current main drivers, and its possible futures.
  • Ponder the roles of nature, culture including technology, and spirituality in the unfolding so far and in possible futures.
  • Understand that evolution is about choice, in the large (anthropocene) as well as within myself (self-construction).


  • humankind’s cultural evolution from the emergence of Homo sapiens through the agricultural, the scientific, and the technological revolution into the Anthropocene
  • our modern world and its prospects: artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, autonomous infrastructure with the Internet of Things, and integrating societies
  • nature – culture – spirituality

spiritual practices, exercises, and excursions

  • contemplation to approach the primordial, to gain a basis for creation
  • meditation and prayer as tools for choosing my way, for creating
  • hikes to some more distant place for immersion into the larger, bridging from the physical through the spiritual to the divine


location: The courses take place at Les Ecureuils, Arolla, in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of some 2000 m. Arolla is easily accessible by both private cars and public transportation.

schedule: A course begins on day 1, 14:30, and ends on day 5, 12:00. The next courses open for registration are:

  • Course I: cancelled due to COVID-19 restriction
  • Course II: no date set yet
  • Course III: no date set yet

lodging: Les Ecureuils has three dormitories and can host 22 guests. Since courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants, there is ample free space, albeit no privacy as it is found in a hotel.

language: Arolla is located in the french-speaking region of Switzerland and part of each course is in French. The other part is in English or German, depending on the participants’ preference.

physical fitness: The courses include short and rather leisurely hikes. Still, safe walking on natural trails is required. The house with its steep and narrow stairs is unfortunately not accessible to physically handicapped persons. Also, due the altitude, these courses are not for those with heart insufficiencies or respiratory problems.

to bring along:

  • sleeping bag for the dormitory (blankets and cushion are provided)
  • towels, soap,…
  • warm clothes, best as multiple layers, including a rain coat
  • good shoes (light hiking boots suffice)
  • sun protection (hat, sun glasses, sun blocker)

cost: The courses are all inclusive. For the introductory phase, we ask for sFr 600.– per course, half of which has to be paid upon registration and is non-refundable. The courses fill on a first come first served basis with a maximum capacity of 12 participants.

options (these may be booked at any time, including during a course, but availability varies):

  • healing treatment by Marie Madeleine (sFr 100.–)
  • prolong your stay at Les Ecureuils by a few days, self-organized but all the facilities of the house available (sFr 29.–/person/day)

guides: Marie Madeleine and Kurt Roth-Fauchère, who are also happy to answer any and all questions.

questions & registration:

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