October 2–6, 2019

This workshop is by invitation only. If you feel a strong wish to participate, please contact the hosts through the form below.


We explore from different vantage points, each with a unique perspective on our World and our Being:

  • factual scientific knowledge on the nature of our physical world, on the emergence and unfolding of life on our planet, and on my body and mind with their capabilities and limitations
  • teachings, legends, and myths on the creation and nature of our World and Being
  • exercises to explore the functioning of body and mind, of perception, and of higher levels of consciousness, all followed by scrutinizing analyses
  • pure meditations and contemplation to contact the larger World, both within and around myself, linking and harmonizing the two, constructing the basis for direct understanding and transmission
  • prepare meals together, realizing the wonderful and spiritual in the mundane


  • who have explored ways, aim to deepen them, and need exchange with others
  • whose compulsion to defend their beloved small ego has abated and who are willing to question what they heard, learned, and believe,
  • who are aware of the risks of standing in the unknown, of eventually progressing into the unformed, of shaping the new to come.

This workshop is no therapy. It demands a robust being and a wide open mind. Still, it also demands respect, appreciation, and gratitude vis-à-vis our fellows, and ourselves.


There will be presentations, discussions, and exercises including hikes. You will also have ample free time for your own pondering, exploration, and contemplation.

Languages are French and English. You must be fluent in one and have at least a basic understanding of the other. Experiencing this situation as a mirror for communication across cultural borders is an important element of this workshop.

We will prepare our own food. Please let us know of any limitations/preferences and, if you wish so, send us your favorite recipe (no promise though).

location & schedule

The workshop takes place at Arolla, Switzerland, at Les Ecureuils. Some participants will arrive by car. If you would be interested to get a ride from Sion Train Station to Arolla, please drop us a note, indicating when and from where you will be arriving. We will try to match requests and offers. [The ride on the Postbus does take longer, but it is an experience.]

We will begin with a get-together on Wed Oct 2 18:30 – the last PostBus arrives at 18:20 – followed by a joint dinner. You are most welcome to arrive earlier, however. Someone will be there all day and also the rooms will be available.

The workshop will end on Sun Oct 6 12:00 after the lunch. The next PostBus leaves Les Haudères at 12:43, arrives at Sion Gare at 13:28. For those who take that bus, we will transfer you from Arolla to Les Haudères.

Use the journey to this rather different place to reflect your own inner path on the images that pass by with the landscape outside. Thus concentrate yourself on your essence – that what really is, beyond the small ego – and open up your self for new experiences.


Marie Madeleine and Kurt Roth-Fauchère

schedule & material

This material is password-protected.


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