views from the mountains

Kurt Roth-Fauchère

Thoughts, comments, and explorations about our life and being, from a distance, by a wanderer through a rough, lucid, and boundless world that is immensely intriguing.

As I climb higher and higher, I see the essentially unchanging landscape from ever new perspectives. Slowly gliding clouds, fog that swallows part of the landscape, occasionally including myself, and that releases us again. The light changing, at times swiftly. Seldomly, I encounter a fellow soul on the path, for a short chat, an exchange. Perceptions, situations, understanding, they all change on the way, the landscape remains. The ephemeral and the rock solid.

Such are also these texts: Recurrent themes, surging, exhibiting ever new facets, evoking ever more comprehensive yet never complete imaginations of a reality that may be, beyond, and that unfolds and shapes itself. The last views stay on, memories, gently fading, until they are updated with a new vision, or not. It is these last views that are collected here. No journal, no thread, no blog, just last views, from the mountains.



first: May 12, 2019, last: May 19, 2019 leave a comment

We directly perceive and understand only a minute part of our World.

Larger parts – the knowledge of those parts’ very existence and concepts about their functioning – become accessible only through learning. Such learning comes often along perspectives, typically organized in schools through which the learning is handed down and developed, from generation to generation.

Old mystics offer one such perspective on our World. This spawned the diverse religions. Natural sciences offer another and much younger perspective. This spawned technology. Within themselves, both perspectives are largely consistent, and both have been elaborated by generations of outstanding and deep personalities. Yet, they are clearly different, often contradictory, and so are the schools, cultures, and approaches to the World that emanate from them.

This tells us, first and foremost, that the World is manifestly larger than any of our visions. With all the learning of all humanity so far, we apparently only grasp some part of the World. We have not the slightest idea how big that part is, what may be lying just beyond our perception, and what may be farther away. This World, I can only imagine it as ONE. Beyond our dualities of science and spirituality, of good and bad, of black and white, beyond all our further categories, and encompassing them all.

This ONE is the ultimate mystical cloud.

This ONE – the World at large and our attempts to comprehend it with our hearts and minds – is the ultimate mystical cloud. It may well remain our eternal longing, unfolding right in front of us – because we are – and yet beyond. Untouchable because we can only see and comprehend what has already unfolded. Journey into the Empty, into the Unformed.

If all the above about our limited perception and understanding sounds strange, project yourself back by a few hundred years and contemplate the then fashionable perspectives on the World: How did those mountains arise? How did my people appear? What was that flash of light and then the loud thunder? What is it with my stomach hurting so badly? Where did last night’s dream come from, what does it mean for me? Where has my father been going to when he died?

Some of the questions we readily answer today, because we now understand the functioning of our world. But beware – put aside the natural arrogance that we today are not as dumb as they back then – and recognize the sign. And then, there are the questions we still ask, still yearning for an answer.

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