ONE bridges two worlds: the physical world that we can touch with our senses and instruments, and the spiritual world that each of us perceives individually and differently but that we cannot touch. These worlds come with very different qualities, the physical one as an objectively existing entity that is explored by our sciences, the spiritual world as a deeply personal experience, a realm only pointed to by diverse old mystics and the schools and traditions that emerged from them.

These worlds are not separated. They are aspects of a smoothly continuous ONE. It is only our cognitive and categorizing machinery that breaks it apart – a machinery that is itself part of ONE – and it breaks it into ever smaller pieces the closer we scrutinize.

Here, we aim for a grand view and explore the transitions between the two worlds. We approach it from solid scientific realms as well as through necessarily subjective experiences and perspectives. While the first is readily transmissible through presentations and discussions, the second is only accessible through exercise and direct perception that, ideally, are undeformed by our normal cognition.