Kurt Roth-Fauchère

There are many ways to explore and understand our world, from its obvious aspects accessible to everyone to the deepest levels touched only by a few mystics. Our approach is to start from the objective world – from all the knowledge and understanding offered by today’s sciences – and to venture from there into the unknown. The premise here is that the World is truly ONE.

The short texts compiled here illuminate some elements of our objective world. These elements are helpful in gaining a greater perspective, which in turn is necessary to eventually venture beyond. This collection is still in its infancy, and will grow.

matter & meaning (January 11, 2023) On the complicated relation between two fundamentally different concepts.

words, images, ideas … realities (February 15, 2023) Superficially, we often equate our imagination with primary reality. But it is not, not by a long shot.

meditation (December 1, 2022) A path to greatest mental clarity in emotional balance and physical tranquility.