death – resurrection

Note: After the first big gong there is a long silence so that you can experience the situation for yourself. After that, the meditation takes you back an important part of the way.

simple exercise

Experiencing in my representation my inevitable end, my death, is a fairly simple exercise. The images and emotions are so strong that they can easily outshine all my other thoughts.

the challenge…

…is precisely to control these strong emotions (despair, sadness, fear, worry,… joy, relief,…), which quickly develop their own dynamics, and to see through them the realities of my life more clearly (its possibilities and difficulties, my possible paths,…). I can accept this challenge if, in the developing storm of emotions, I do not lose my greater being, my being in which emotions are only a part.

the danger…

…of this meditation is that I am not able to cope with the emotions, that they flood me, in the worst case also cause a longer lasting damage. This, however, is the danger of any path that brings me closer to my innermost realms.


An important element of this meditation is the decision I have to take: do I want to go further – which I will have to do one day – or do I go back with the deeper and wider view I have gained?

Such decisions are not only for the transition of death, they often occur in deep meditations: do I want to continue on the bright, clear path ahead, or do I go back to my complicated, also troublesome life, but now with new and deeper awareness? Mostly the question does not arise at all, my physical being is so dominant that it takes me back.

But once I am at the point where I can really decide, then the question will be: “Do I go back to the physical being with all its hardships, but also with all its possibilities? Possibilities that I won’t have beyond my physical being, that are opening up new developments for me with the deeper consciousness I have now gained.” I will again come to points where I can decide, perhaps only far in the future and perhaps also again to one of the old points. But I will then be a different one.