The “comments” are thoughts, which are the basis of the respective meditation, which illuminate some of its aspects, or which are released by it. That is of course an absurdity, because meditation, the exercise on the spiritual way, aims at something that lies beyond the words, pictures, thoughts, and concepts, something that is indicated with the nameless, GOD,…, or as here with primary reality.

The remarks are meant to help you get closer to the ultimately unspeakable as you move through the web of words and concepts of our ordinary world. Ultimately, though, this is a pointless endeavor: I just can’t grasp the unsayable with words. So don’t bother with deeper meanings of these remarks, but use whatever they trigger in you for your own reflection.

new here?

If meditating is new to you, at least the kind here, then you should start with the starting points. There you will also find a concise introduction and resources. Going deeper is meditation.


The audios are of quite different durations, but always release you into your own silent meditation, the length of which you determine. The longer ones take you through one specific experience at a time in some detail, the shorter ones bring up aspects that are really just accessible by experience.