(translation from German assisted by DeepL)

January 6, 2023

At the edge of the ordinary world, in the darkness of the unknowing, in the unformed, the situation is the same for everyone, for me on my spiritual way, for researchers seeking deeper understanding of the physical world, for artists in search of new forms of expression, for unfolding societies, for humanity as a whole. In a first phase, individual aspects begin to appear in the abysmal darkness, incoherent.

Behind each of them is a lot of work to perceive, understand, perhaps create it. These aspects can be observations in nature, or in my being, but also newly created in art, in technology, finally in our culture. Each of these is complicated and difficult in itself, but from the big picture it is small, simple, and has a fairly narrow function.

Even if the many small aspects are without coherence, the inkling of something bigger behind them emerges. The more of these tiny aspects are newly recognized or created, the more this inkling condenses, finally becoming a certainty that there really is something greater.

But I can not imagine for a long time to come what this bigger could be. There is still too much unknown, too many surprises that can show up.

Finally, however, the big picture begins to show itself, the big development. Some will see it a little earlier, others later.

The single aspects, which are still complicated and laborious to understand or to create, they lose more and more importance in the now appearing picture, take a back seat to the unexpected, completely different and far greater.

Still much work is necessary to understand the greater comprehensively, or to create it in its full functionality. But essential new things do not show up anymore, there is only diligence, even if an important and laborious one.

Once I see clearly at the edge of my ordinary world so far, of the development of our culture so far: what are the best next steps? Is there a path at all? Where do I actually want to go? Do I want… or do I have to? Even with the best knowledge here, I can only plan the next part of the way. Only after I have walked this one, I can see if the path will lead me further there again. Where do I want to go? How could I know that? And even if I had a big goal, how could I know in which direction I should go from here?

The way ahead, I understand now, does not exist at all. Only after I have walked it, it exists and only looking back I recognize it, and I also recognize other ways nearby.

The images here, also the mosaic, they all have nothing to do with the situation at the edge of the ordinary world, they are only metaphors for something much more complicated, something that cannot be represented in images, because there are no more images there, not even concepts. The world beyond the ordinary is different, and once the near part of the beyond becomes ordinary, the world will be different.