The world is ONE and I am part of it. The physical world, which we grasp with our senses and instruments, our cultural world, which made us what we are in the first place, my world – my ideas with their mental, perhaps also spiritual levels – and a whole series of other “worlds”, they are all only aspects of the world, this seamless, incredibly diverse and constantly changing ONE.

Of all these worlds, I only have direct access to my world – my ideas. All the others are only very roughly represented in it. Nevertheless, I hardly ever differentiate between these images and the fundamentally inaccessible realities behind them, between my world and the world.

Here we strive for a large view of the world, the ONE. Such a view is necessarily thin – my world is only an inconceivably small part of the world – but it already opens up areas that were previously closed (to me), even completely unknown. We follow three major lines:

explore I : The world at large, its creation and development, its necessities and the resulting consequences for its form.

explore II : My world and the “machine” on which it is based, with its necessities and the resulting capabilities and limitations.

meditation : Experienced directly beyond explanations – guided to inner explorations, directed to use physical allegories, or completely silent in pure being.

The first two lines, explore, have meditation as an essential aspect alongside lectures and discussions. The third line is exclusively exercise.

Science, mysticism? Methods for their respective fields. Ultimately, we need them all, and more.

workshops 2024

explore I (fr) May 8–12
explore I (de) May 17–21

meditation (fr & de) March 28–April 1

explore II (fr) Sept. 13–17
explore II (de) Oct. 2–6

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