Kurt Roth-Fauchère

dialogues with some of the many of our World’s faces,
offered as a testimony, as an inspiration

escape to Plan Bertol

November 14, 2020

photo archive

A collection of previous projects for you to rummage in.



The legal and technical side

All these images are copyrighted (© Kurt Roth-Fauchère, 2019, 2020). They are provided in a moderately high resolution on this site for you to enjoy them. This goes with the tacit assumption that you do not download any of them for whatever other usage.

High resolution versions in various unlimited and limited forms may be purchased at the shop.

Lower resolution versions are available free of charge from our shop for anyone and any use, provided that (i) the copyright notice is added to the image itself or to the respective image caption and (ii) the image, which is an original work of art, is not modified in any way.


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