Kurt Roth-Fauchère

Seeing the obvious,
the symbol,
perceiving beyond,

through the veils,
beyond, boundless.

Poetry is a type of literature that on the one hand subjects itself to narrow formal rules and on the other hand aims far beyond what it superficially describes, beyond the sphere of words… immediate understanding.

Also here, I see the obvious, an image, a short video clip. Then, in a rush, I get pulled through the spheres of my world, of my experiences, of my visions. And all of a sudden, silence, floating in endless empty space, beyond, understanding.

At its roots, poetry meant creation, fabrication, or production, the old greek ποίησις (poíēsis).

Also here, I hide the content into a form but wish to create, to evoke, the deeper, behind. Through my perceived deeper opening your deeper. Seeding grains that remain dormant until the conditions are right, that then open a vision, your vision, that is different and deeper than I ever imagined.

moon – mist – mountain
Aiguille de la Tza (March 2023)
The Angel by Lydie Denis (December 2021)
river of life
flashes of enlightenment

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