Kurt Roth-Fauchère

Collection of materials from my research and pondering of aspects of our world. Aspects range from the complexity of our environment to the origin and unfolding of our world, from the origin of life to humankind’s cultural evolution. The perspective is that of natural sciences and the aim is to recognize and understand the underlying fundamental principles.

Be advised, that this is a Werk|Statt where I boldly go, where some beautiful and almost finished parts stand right next to works in progress or even to pieces that are just about to emerge. There are three rooms in here: a public exposition, which so far is empty, the actual workshop chaos–complexity–evolution with some sharp tools laying around, and finally the veranda with its perspectives.

chaos – complexity – evolution

Lecture notes, slide sets, and videos for a Master-level course in a physics curriculum to develop an understanding of our world that is based on natural sciences but that opens a more cross-cutting perspective than usual.

This material is based on a course I developed and offered for 7 years in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Heidelberg University. Enjoying it demands a solid formal scientific basis including some affinity to mathematics.

science perspectives

Assorted perspectives from the natural sciences viewpoint roughly sorted into roots (philosophical and foundational), stem (general processes), and branches & leaves (spotlights on specific topics and clusters).

The language here is mostly scientifically strict, with an occasional poetic license, but never mathematically formal.