Kurt Roth-Fauchère

Thoughts, comments, and explorations about our life and being. From a distance. By a wanderer in a rough and challenging, yet lucid and immensely intriguing World.

As I climb higher, I see the essentially unchanging landscape from ever new perspectives. Slowly drifting clouds. Fog swallows part of the landscape, occasionally myself, releases us again. The light changes, at times swiftly. Occasionally, a fellow soul comes along, a short chat, just a nod. Situations, perceptions, understanding, they all change on the way, the landscape remains. The ephemeral and the rock solid.

From a distance, I perceive the large valleys, the mountain ranges, and I recognize their order. The rivers that shape the landscape, I see those nearby but not those farther away. Neither do I see the wide roads and big cites. I just know that there is more, much more, and different from what I see… but I do see the Sun, occasionally.

Such are also these texts: Recurrent themes, surging, exhibiting ever new facets, evoking ever more comprehensive yet never complete imaginations of a reality that may be, beyond, and that unfolds and shapes itself. The last views stay on, memories, gently fading, until they are updated with a new vision, or not. It is these last views that are collected here. No journal, no thread, no blog, just views as last perceived, in the mountains.

I wish that these views inspire you to touch the mountains yourself, to walk through them, experience them, those in your outer world and those in your inner world.

Topics that float to the top of my mind with every new perspective… and to the top of this list.

Information Flood – an evolutionary perspective [Jan 18, 2023]
The rapidly increasing flood of true and false information is a major challenge for our society. It affects all levels, from the information of common citizens to the loftiest of sciences. In the worst case, it leads to the disintegration of society into largely isolated bubbles, ultimately into and opinion-foam.

I here propose that coping with that flood demands an artificial intelligence (AI) that extends a person’s capabilities, that codevelops with them, and that coevolves with the embedding culture.

the first blink [Dec 7, 2019]
The World is ONE, bigger and different from what any scientific, cultural, or spiritual line narrates.

looking deeper [Jan 5, 2020]
ONE – bigger and different from any of our narratives: How do we know, how can we possibly approach it?

Science & Spirituality – the known and the presumed [Nov 16, 2019]
A seemingly unlikely pair, they are the means for exploring our World, the prerequisites for forming the Unformed.

Nature & Culture – the existing and the emerging [Oct 27, 2019]
Nature is the existing World. Culture reaches from that existing into the not yet existing, attempts to see, explore, create, and form it, to turn it into nature.

Man – a very complicated being [July 7, 2019]
Humans are very complicated beings with a hierarchy of tightly interconnected layers that reach from the biomolecular machinery all the way to the divine sphere.

Images – from nature to science to spirituality and back [May 30, 2019]
Cross-fertilizing between lines that appear to have nothing in common: can we?