The Place

Arolla is a small village at the end of Val d’Hérens in the heart of the Swiss Alps at a height of  2’000 m. It is enclosed by mountains that reach up to some 4’000 m with Bas Glacier d’Arolla still reaching the valley floor. Mont Collon mightily closes the narrow, deep, and long valley, just allowing winding alpine paths and tracks to guide further.

  • traces dans la neige
  • Aiguille de la Tza with Douves Blanches
  • Mont Collon below constellation Orion
  • Mont Collon – thin clouds – stars

Life here is determined by the rough environment.

Snow may fall during any month of the year and in winter, the village is occasionally cut-off. But there are also those brilliantly clear skies with intense sunshine and UV index exceeding 10 at any one day of the year. Whether with its serenely calm atmospheres or with its horrifying tempest, nature here is nearer than at most other places, and it changes from jovial to merciless within hours, and back again. Come prepared and enjoy whatever nature offers to you.

  • coming home during a snow storm
  • At the center of Arolla during a snow storm

Arolla has some 50 permanent inhabitants. There are many more during the holiday seasons.

  • a bright winter day
Panorama (zoom in)

Depending on your activities and perspectives, Arolla appears as a forbidding and challenging nature, as the last community before venturing into the high-alpine world of glaciers and ridges, or as the fun place for your downhill skiing and mountain biking. There is yet another face, however, one that may not catch the quick visitor’s eye. It greets you from the sun-burnt and wrinkled faces of some of the inhabitants, it sinks in while you are sitting calmly high above the village at nightfall, it surprises you through at times weird pieces of art high up in the mountains, and it touches you through small memories of lives taken by nature’s forces.

It is the spirit of humanity, the flash of understanding what it means to be a human being, the deep appreciation, emerging humility, and joy.

It is that spirit, this site wants to touch and to promote.

  • working at Les Ecureuils
  • méditation

If, in contrast, you are looking for a touristic guide, there are excellent other sites, most importantly the official Evolène-Région-Tourisme and with its comprehensive collection of further links and its daily blog.

We want to offer you another way to experience Arolla and the valley,…

Discover other facets of this place, reconnect with more hidden aspects of yourself, find new inspiration and joy. We also want to offer a platform for those who live here, and be it only in their hearts, to contribute to the cultural depth and diversity of this unique place.

…bridging between the magnificent, firmly manifest environment and art, science, and spirituality.