The 360° x 180° panoramas here allow you to dive much deeper into the landscape than is possible with ordinary photos. This makes it easier for you to plan a hike, but above all you can perceive perspectives that are hardly accessible to you as a hiker. In this way, you will discover new things, even if you already know the area well, the landscapes of glaciation, for example.

Nevertheless, the “reality” here is a virtual one. The real reality begins to open up when you are here, immersing yourself with all your senses, beginning to touch the world behind.

technical note In the panoramas here, and on the following pages, you “find yourself” at a point in space, often high above the ground. With mouse/trackpad you change your viewing direction and you can zoom in a bit. Clicking on the square icon in the upper left corner of an image opens/closes the full screen mode.

The location where the picture was taken is shown as a red marker on the map next to the picture. Click on the map to enlarge it. You can also look directly at SwissTopo.


Sunrise in the village

© swisstopo

Shooting: July 11 2023

…and a little later over the whole valley.

© swisstopo

Shooting: July 11 2023

closer surroundings

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at the end of the Val d’Arolla

the glaciers in front of Mont Collon… and the Madonna of Arolla

to the Pas de Chèvres

Louettes Econdouè: between the Glacier de Pièce flowing down from Col des Vignettes and the Glacier de Tsijiore Nouve flowing down from La Serpentine.

Glacier de Tsijiore Nouve

Pas de Chèvres & Val des Dix