Les Ecureuils is a traditional high alpine chalet, a quiet house outside of the village center of Arolla. It can accommodate groups of up to 24 people and offers a range of possibilities. Families can spend time together and groups for hiking and skiing find a starting and resting point. In winter, ski lifts, cross-country trails, and snowshoe trails are all directly accessible from the house, just a few hundred meters away. In summer Arolla is the starting point for a variety of hikes and high alpine tours.

Les Ecureuils is not only a base for activities in a fascinating and challenging high alpine environment, however. It is also a retreat, a place for resting and focussing in a world that is becoming ever faster and more hectic, ever more dominated by processes and machines. A world that continues to separate us from our creative source.
The house, with its simple structure and mighty surroundings, is a place of contemplation, inspiration and creativity in our busy world. It offers this for a wide field, from science and economics to philosophy and religion.

panorama (zoom)
a short visit to the salon-dormitory
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