intuitive painting

The paintings in the workshop peinture intuitive are all created in a process and in connection with a certain situation. The intuitive perception of this situation by Marie Madeleine and the processing below the mental level during painting finally leads to the image. Experience shows that various meanings and aspects of the painting only open up over time, both for the creator and for other viewers.

From some of these paintings Marie Madeleine has already gone so far that she is ready to sell the original. Of all the paintings there are reproductions in original size (limited and certified edition) and in smaller formats.

photo | graphie

Photos are seen realities, just like intuitive paintings. With their possibilities, they also try to point to what is perceived behind them. But they are much more deceptive than other means, because we are used to accepting them as an image of the reality. A photo records only the light, nothing more, and even that only from a place, in a detail, at a time,… a mountain perhaps. But if I stand there, facing this mountain, then there is also the light reflected from the mountain. But there is so much more: smells, the murmur of a river perhaps, or the whistling of the wind. And maybe there is something else: emotions, memories, inspiration in the face of the mighty, the beautiful, the fine… and maybe even an inkling of something much deeper behind it all. The photo is a pointer, you look.