Marie Madeleine and Kurt Roth-Fauchère

Meditation is the practical exercise to develop and refine attention and perception beyond their automatic function. It is one of the important tools to develop my harmonious being. There are many types of meditation and many goals, from relaxation to the unfolding of my spiritual path.

weekly meditation

starting points

Here you will find regularly, about every two weeks, short starting points for a silent meditation. (This page is only available in deutsch or français. Please drop us a note if you would like to have it in english.)

energy walk

Marie Madeleine

I offer energy walks in Arolla, on request. 

These conscious walks last about 1:30 and allow you to reconnect to nature, to its energy of calm and rooting. The different kingdoms of nature offer you a choice of therapy and you will feel as you walk that you are becoming lighter.

Price: Fr. 20.– per person

On request, I will gladly organize these walks for children or families: price to be agreed.


Marie Madeleine

I record some of my meditations – they are all in french – and make them available here. For you, to immerse yourself, to find resonances, maybe also to come back later, to contemplate the path you have taken.

Please leave these capsules here and do not copy them elsewhere. They will be there for you if you need them.

20 – 11 mai 2020: Rayonnement (enregistrée le 15.03.2021)

gallery – meditations on paintings (in french only)

Méditation matrice (enregistrée le 28.02.2021)

gallery – meditations on the environment (in french only)