Les Ecureuils is a multi-functional house.

rooms and facilities

regular dormitories

On the first floor there are 2 regular dormitories next to each other. Each can accommodate 8 persons (in 4 bunk beds). The beds come with a mattress cover, a pillow, and a blanket. However, you must bring your own sleeping bag, at least a sleeping bag liner, and a pillowcase.

On the same floor is the shared washroom with 5 sinks, 4 toilets, and 2 showers.


Next to the regular dormitories is the salon-dormitory, which indeed is a multi-functional room. It can accommodate 4 persons (in 2 bunk beds, the same rules apply also here). However, it is much larger than the regular dormitories, comes with a large coach, two comfortable chairs, a low table, and a simple carpet. A large white board is installed permanently. Depending on a group’s desires, 3…4 simple tables can be made available (for painting or other artistic work), or the room can be used for meditation groups with up to 12 participants.

guest rooms

In the attic there are 2 single rooms, each with 2 single beds. These are small cozy nests that give you a feeling of security in this big and solid house. For the two rooms there is a shared bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower/bathtub.

These rooms can be rented as “Bed & Breakfast” and then include breakfast, bed linen, and bath towels. Alternatively, and for larger groups only, they can be rented to supplement the dormitories, either with bed linen and bath towels or in mode “dormitory” using your own sleeping bag.


Les Ecureuils has a large professional kitchen with 6 electric plates, 2 ovens, a dishwasher, and 2 fridge-freezer combinations. Attached is a pantry, which remains cool also in summer.

dining room

Located next to the kitchen and connected by a hatch is the dining room. It is spacious for groups of 16 people but can accommodate up to 24. The hallway from the kitchen leads straight out to garden, which is beautiful for dining on mild days.


Outside of the meals, the dining room transforms into a meeting room. Coffee, tea, fruits,… remain all easily available from the kitchen.

For presentations and interactions, a mobile 55′ monitor can be made available together with a small blackboard. There is a sufficient number of power outlets for setting up computers or other devices.


Free WiFi is available throughout the house. Mobile phones work well at this location and there is a traditional fixed-line emergency connection in the house.

facilities in the village

A grocery store is within sight from Les Ecureuils, some 100 m away. Open 7 days a week, typically 8:30–12:00 and 14:00–18:00, it offers daily fresh bread, a wide range of food items, and you can order anything that may not be immediately available. Even better you may preorder, such that goods are here when you need them.

A sports store is located some 150 m from Les Ecureuils. Here, you can find everything from sunscreen and band-aid to rental crampons and skies.

The tourist’s office, which doubles as a post office is also some 150 m from Les Ecureuils.

For the disposal of paper, plastic, clothes and glass there is an eco-point at the entrance of the village near the ancient Hotel Mont-Collon. For other waste please use the official white garbage bags, which are already cover the waste tax. You can buy these in the grocery store and dispose of them in the big black bin that faces the grocery store.

l’histoire des Ecureuils

Marie Madeleine Roth-Fauchère

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