Therapist of the body – Healer of the soul

I am a being in the making, a being who works every day to coincide with her spiritual dimension, to make her personality meet her soul and adjust to it.

My Task…

is to help everyone who comes to me, on the embodied plane or in the invisible, in the context of co-creation of healing and evolutionary paintings & meditations, of therapy or simply of help and friendship.

My role…

as a healer of the soul, is to awaken in you your own consciousness, your own energies and inner healing resources, to heal yourself. I hold up a mirror to you, sometimes questioning, sometimes encouraging but always liberating.
As a body therapist (complementary kinesiology and massage therapist), my role is to contact your structure, your Earth. It is a necessity. My hands know what I don’t… They intuitively contact the exact points that restore balance in both your energetic and physical bodies. They find the emotional knots in the body.

My responsibility…

is to stay connected to my Center, to the Soul, to allow the purest connection possible, to eliminate as many filters as possible, knowing however that we are steeped in our history and our education and that we can never totally get rid of our interpretations. 

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