Old mystics offer one view of our world, modern sciences open another. Both are largely consistent in themselves, but differ significantly from each other and are often contradictory. Both, however, were developed by generations of outstanding and deep personalities. And yet: there is only one world!

Our World is manifestly larger than any of our visions.


Our wish is to perceive and explore this greater, to teach it and to act out of it. We work on four interconnected levels:


On the practical branch (KinéVital) we recognize man as a multi-layered being that can reach from the deepest of Earth to the highest of Heaven, that can connect these two poles, let their energies flow. A being that can create like no other.

Imbalances are created by inadequate connections between the different layers, and these are ultimately followed by maladies of all kinds. Many of them are deeply rooted in the body, in the experienced, in the psyche. These need to be treated by corresponding specialists. Others again are connected with deep human questions: my being, the meaning of this being, the beyond. These often lead to a boundless longing, to a constantly renewing inspiration, to an unfolding. Sometimes, however, when paths no longer open in these monumental mountains, depression and despair threaten to gain, surrender. In these mountains we are guides. Arolla, with its high alpine environment, is a wonderful symbol of this situation.


We offer a trilogy of courses aimed at perceiving and understanding our greater World, developing a deeper and more satisfying life, and unfolding our higher Being. This trilogy is based on three of our essential questions: Who am I? Where do we come from? Where are we going?

Each course consists of lectures on established scientific understanding, a step-by-step introduction to various spiritual practices, guided exercises and excursions, and plenty of free time to absorb, reflect, discuss, and begin integrating the newly gained perspectives into one’s own life.

These courses are aimed at beginners in science and spirituality. We gently introduce both fields.


As a continuation for those who have completed the Trilogy and wish to continue along this path, we offer a Workshop for further practice here in the mountains, for sharing new developments, and to exchange with other seekers.

Further offers are for those who would like to get an occasional impulse on a weekend, on an energetic hike through the forest or into the mountains, or who simply want to participate in an evening meditation.


A group with diverse backgrounds, from natural sciences to spirituality, explores perspectives on ONE from different angles through experiment, discussion and practice. We scrutinize the findings diligently and respectfully to open veils, to understand deeper, to create inspiration and essential tools, rather than destroying them. Step by step. Participation in this group is by invitation only

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Only connect, the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer. Only connect, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die.

E. M. Forster, 1910, Howards End, chap 22
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