Old mystics offer us one perspective on our World. Modern natural sciences offer another. These two views, while largely consistent within, are clearly different, often contradictory. Yet, both have been elaborated by generations of outstanding and deep personalities.
And still, there is One World!

Our World is manifestly larger than any of our visions.


Recognizing, approaching, teaching, and acting in this Larger is our wish. We work on three interlinked levels:


On the practical branch, we recognize the human being as a multi-layered entity who can reach from the deepest of Earth to the highest of Heavens, who can link these two poles and allow their energies to flow, to create. Maladies of diverse sorts arise from improper connections and from imbalances between layers.

Connecting and balancing the various layers is based on an understanding of the human being’s nature and its inner workings, and is guided by a vision of our World and of the human being’s role in it.

Courses and Practicals

In courses, we teach established scientific understanding in common language, guide gently with different well-tested exercises into your inner world, and help to bridge the two for a new perspective on the larger World, and on yourself. Practicals include occasional and regular meditations, walks through the forest, and hikes up the mountain slopes.

Beyond an open mind and an open heart, these courses and practicals have no prerequisites and they are open to the public. These are small groups with at most 12 participants. They fill on a first-come first-served basis. Upon request, they may also be arranged for specific groups.

Research Workshop

A group with diverse backgrounds ranging from natural sciences to spirituality explores perspectives on ONE from different vantage points through reading, discussion, and experimentation. We scrutinize the findings diligently but respectfully, to reach deeper and to create, rather than destroy, inspiration and essential aids. On this way, we aggregate new understanding step by step.

This workshop is by invitation only.

Only connect, the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer. Only connect, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die.

E. M. Forster, 1910, Howards End, chap 22

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