Les Ecureuils is a unique place for retreats due to its architecture, atmosphere, and environment. A key asset is the interlinking of the retreat’s primary goal with group building and forming, which proved to have a long lasting positive effect in several instances. It is optimal for retreats of groups with 10 to 20 members.

For a retreat to work at Les Ecureuils, the group has to cooperate. This is one of the reasons to come here.

Cooperation is encouraged and demanded by joint efforts for cooking and eating, for calm sleeping, for using the common washroom and showers, and for cleaning. If so desired, the load on the group can be reduced by booking additional services like cooking, serving meals, and final cleaning.

Group retreats invariably also lead to difficult situations where subgroups or individuals have to separate for some time. With its 3 separate dormitories, one with a large study corner, the balcony, the lawn in front of the house, and diverse possibilities for shorter and longer walks directly starting from the house, there is ample free room to satisfy diverse needs.

availability and cost

Les Ecureuils is preferably rented on a weekly basis, from Sat to Sat. The cost depends on group size and required supplementary services. The basic package includes the 3 dormitories with the related restrooms and showers, the kitchen, and the dining/meeting room rented for 1 week. Electricity, warm water, and heating is included. Also included is the first waste bag. Further bags, which include the tax, can be purchased at the grocery store.

The following list shows the cost for a one week stay, Saturday to Saturday.

basic package for 10…20 persons for 7 days1’890…2’940 sFr
additional places in 2-bed room (2 rooms available)210 sFr/person
room for meditation (incl mats and cushions)280 sFr
full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea)
alternative: restaurants of nearby hotels
490 sFr/person
cleaning250 sFr
tax14 sFr/person

Mandatory items are in bold. Optional items are in italic and can be booked when available. For intermediate group sizes, the cost of the basic package changes proportionally.

Upon reservation, 20% of the total is due and non-refundable.

For availability and other inquiries, please contact Marie Madeleine Roth-Fauchère.

other places at Arolla

If coupling your retreat’s primary goal with group building and forming is not a necessity, if your group demands more luxury, or if it has more than 20 members, then Les Ecureuils is not the optimal place. You may want to explore other possibilities at Arolla, specifically Grand Hôtel Kurhaus, Hôtel du Glacier, Hôtel du Pigne, and Hôtel Aiguille de la Tza.